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Couples Therapy

Couples often wait too long to ask for help. Relationships can develop patterns that, over time, leave both partners frustrated and unhappy. Once these patterns are established, it often takes outside help to move the relationship in a new direction.

Get The Help You Need

Sometimes love is not enough. Couples therapy opens up a way for two people to talk very directly about what they feel, what they need and what they are not getting. Once two people have an understanding of the dynamics of their relationship, they can begin to find more fulfilling ways of relating.

If Only He/She Would Change

Blame is often the reason that one member of a couple is reluctant to enter couple's therapy. Many couples blame each other for the problems in their relationship. Both parties need to take responsibility for the way their relationship functions. Once couples can move beyond blame, they can begin to repair and improve their relationship.

Meeting Every Other Week

I work with couples for an hour and a half every other week. This is easier to schedule than a weekly meeting and allows time for the learning from each session to take effect.

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