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Group Therapy

Group therapy is both effective and affordable. Group members, from adolescents to adults, can get honest, productive feedback from others that allows them to practice and perfect more self-affirming behaviors.

  • Adults

Group therapy is a great place to work on relationship issues or career problems. People often do not understand why others respond to them in the way that they do. Group provides members a living mirror of their behavior that will often hasten change and personal growth.

  • Young Adults

In college or starting out in the world, 18-23 yr olds are often struggling to develop a new sense of independence and to define themselves in a wider world.

  • Adolescents

Most experts agree that group therapy is the treatment of choice for adolescents. By using the peer group as a therapeutic tool group treatment can be both effective and engaging.

  • Failure to Launch

Failure to launch is a relatively new term that describes young men (and occasionally young women) who live at home, maintain hostile dependent relationships with their parents, and seem lost, unmotivated, unwilling or unable to move forward with their lives. Groups can help these individuals confront and work through their lack of ambition and self worth.

  • Children in Divorce

Children and adolescents are never ready for a divorce and often would prefer that their parents stay together even if they are miserable. Some children are overwhelmed immediately by the separation, and some develop symptoms over time. Groups help them feel less alone with this problem and offer a safe place to talk about a wide range of feelings and reactions.

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