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Family Therapy

The relationship between family members is an important part of psychological health. Family therapy focuses on the family system, and how relationships can influence and even shape individual behavior.

Families in Divorce

When the primary relationship in a family falls apart, parents and children often need outside help to find a way to talk constructively about this very emotional issue.

  • Children in Divorce

Children are never ready for a divorce, and often would prefer that their parents stay together even if they are miserable. Family therapy offers children a place to process their distress.

  • Co-Parenting in Separation and Divorce

There is nothing more counter-intuitive than parenting with the person you are divorcing. Finding a way to work together when you are trying to separate is a mind bending prospect.

  • Parents in Divorce

Divorced parents now have to forge a new family structure, new routines, and a new identity. Family therapy can help stabilize a life situation that is chaotic and uncertain.

  • School Consultations

Sometimes the place where children of divorce act out is in school. It can be very helpful to include teachers and mentors in the family system.

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